Bunaíodh Spraoí Chill Mhantáin i 2009 chun freastal ar anéileamh a bhí ann do Naíonraí d'árdchaighdeán i gContae Chill Mhantáin. 

Spraoí Chill Mhantáin was established in 2009 to provide high-quality Irish Language Preschools (Naionraí) in Wicklow and surrounding areas.

The Naíonraí  follow the school calendar and cater for children from 2.5 - 5 years. We believe in maintaining very high staff: child ratios so that we can deliver a personal experience for each child in our care. 

We offer sessional care and have free ecce spaces available. All staff are highly qualified and experienced in delivering the naíonra curriculum. We work on a ‘child-led’ approach to our curriculum in order to provide children with quality care that puts them first.

We believe that when children are having fun, they learn easily.  So we make it our business to ensure each child has a fun day, every day.  This is reflected in our HSE reports.  We invite every parent to read our HSE report online.

This Week in Naíonra Chill Mhantáin we had a lovely art exhibition to showcase all of the wonderful art work that has been done throughout the year. The Chidren were all so proud and happy to show off all of the hard work they have been doing.  See all of their wonderful creations below. 

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